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Since 1998, God has been writing a story at Grace Chapel. As we continue to experience and express the essence of Jesus, Project H13 is the next chapter in that story.



All of our ministry departments—Kidventure, Ardent Student Ministries, Adult Community, and Justice & Compasssion—will benefit from the full scope that Project H13 offers.



The plan has been established with clear steps forward.  Grace Chapel leadership has explored options and has put together detailed plans for you to download and explore.


Why we are doing this


Since 1998, Grace Chapel has tried to be a church that gives itself away.  We believe that the relationships we build—in the park, the coffee shop, and the living room—are more important than our relationship with a particular building.  Our 15-year relationship with OrePac has been a blessing for Grace Chapel, and we look forward to continuing that relationship even as we see our building as a tool for ministry, not an end or asset in itself.  Today, Grace Chapel faces several obstacles with regard to our building.  These obstacles include a fragmented Sunday experience—with Ardent on a separate campus—growing capacity limitations, and a rental agreement that, until recently, has prevented long-term planning.

Our Heart

In Hebrews 13, Paul writes, “Now may the God of peace… equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him.”  Our prayer for Project H13 is that our modified building space will equip us for doing God’s will outside the building.  A new, 5-year lease agreement with OrePac has unlocked possibilities for modifying the space with outdoor signage, unlimited use during the week, new space for Ardent, and expanding the Boberg facility to be a family center.  Our heart for ministry remains the same—to experience and express the essence of Jesus so that our broken and fragmented world can experience the healing and life that God promises everyone.  We are excited for this opportunity to express this heart in a revitalized worship space that equips us to do God’s will.

How we will do this

Roll over a box below to learn more about how that ministry will be enhanced by Project H13.


We are occupying new space within the facility to house Ardent Ministries.  More than twice as large as Ardent’s previous space, this new space will bring Ardent to our main location and be a blessing to our thriving student ministries.


By changing the flow of the Kidventure space we will create a safer and more inviting experience for the smallest in our community. The entire Kidventure wing will be refreshed to create a more inviting experience for the children and parents in our church.


Our new agreement with OrePac allows us to use signage on the property.  Permanent signage outside our worship center will communicate our commitment to the community and visually direct people to Grace Chapel with greater ease.


The Boberg Family Center will be repurposed to be a resource for the community.  Tangible needs will be met as we serve those in the community who are discouraged, broken, vulnerable, and in need of the unconditional love of Christ.


We will remodel our lobby, providing more space for engaging and connecting with each other beyond the service.  As community is formed inside the building, the people of Grace are equipped to go into the world to serve.

What we will do



You know the story God is writing at Grace Chapel, whether you have been part of that story for days or years.  The leadership of Grace believes our community is called to the work of Project H13 as the next part of God’s work at Grace, and we know you have questions about the new space and what the project will entail.  Click on the image to the right or on this link to download the complete PDF containing drawings, descriptions, costs, and phases for each step of Project H13.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call the administration office or email us at any time.  We look forward to making this journey together with you.

Project H13 Documents

What we will need

What We Will Need From Our Leaders

If you are a leader at Grace Chapel—whether you’re one of our ministry leaders, spiritual leaders, or a leader in unofficial ways—Project H13 needs your support to succeed.  We are asking for five things from our leaders:

First, we need your commitment.  Project H13 is expected to last the better part of 2014, and we need your commitment as we run this race with faith.  Our vision is committed leadership working together to seek and carry out God’s will for Grace.

Second, we want you to take ownership.  Project H13 is not about the pastoral team making unilateral decisions; God is at work at Grace, and that involves you personally.  You are invited to become familiar with the Project H13 plans so you can become an advocate of the idea.

Third, we look for unity during this project.  There is nothing God cannot do through us when the church comes together in unity.  We are a body, united in Christ, and Project H13 will succeed as we seek the good of the body as a whole.

Fourth, we invite you to tell the story.  You know where Grace has been, you know where Grace is headed.  Share that story with others who wonder what Project H13 is all about, as we continue to live the story God is writing at Grace.

Fifth and finally, we ask you to drive questions to the right people.  If you hear questions about Project H13, make sure the pastoral team knows about them.  If you hear about concerns for our children or youth, tell the Kidventure or Ardent ministry leaders.  Clear and transparent communication will be vital as Project H13 unfolds.